is an office for 3D rendering and design, founded in Tallinn, Estonia. The agency has a diverse portfolio and works within all different fields of architecture.


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FAQ Page

Questions & Anserws

This page answers the most frequently asked questions concerning CGI rendering, our studio, and the process in general. Simply select the section and look for the solution. If you have any additional queries, please contact a client manager or write an email.

Send us an email at or start a chat with our staff in the messenger window.

The first task is also known as the Pilot and it is the trial project when we start work with a new company. It might be paid in advance or on a 30-70 basis – before and after results.

The pricing is determined by the specifications of your project. Our pricing policy can be seen in our price list. Request a quote from us to learn the actual cost of your job and you will receive the price within a day.

You are free to give us any type of file, including hand sketches or a video briefing. However, drawings, architectural/design sketches and mood boards are the most fundamental references. If you are thinking of a specific project send us anything and everything!

We prefer to work with the following file types wherever possible:

– Plans and drawings: CAD format, pdf or any other vector format;
– Ready 3D models: pln, skp, 3ds, max, obj, rvt, fbx.

– We guarantee that no information about your company or initiatives will be made public unless you give us permission to do so.
– We provide conventional and extended copyrights for the visual materials you receive as a consequence;       
– We accept payments through international channels that are transparent.

We keep the process transparent and invite you to be part of the work every step of the way.  This includes meetings and regular updates, revisionas and approvals.

To get an idea of the project phases click here.

Our clients communicate with managers and project teams all the time mainly through Microsoft Teams, e-mail or phone calls.

Tallinn, Estonia. 

Thankfully different parts of the world have never been closer due to the Internet. We look forward to working with you regardless of your location.

An architectural rendering job takes approximately a week to complete, whereas an interior design rendering project takes less. The actual time estimation, on the other hand, is determined by a variety of parameters, including the starting materials, the number of views, intricacy, and other features.

Please contact us and send a brief to find out exactly how long your job will take.

Our offical studio open hours are:

Monday – Friday9AM–6PM (GMT+2)
Saturday – SundayClosed

But feel free to contact your project manager anytime, we will answer you asap.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about a partnership. You can also apply to be our affiliate.

If your monthly payments total more than 2000 Euros, please approach your client manager for a discount. We are always willing to talk about long-term collaboration possibilities.

Likewise, we are open to dicuss flexible pricing if you want extra renderings on your project.

– During peak season, we can serve as a backup

– Your project is our passion, and we’ll be happy to relieve you of it

– We provide superior value for money because you don’t have to pay for our vacations or sick days, fund corporate training, rent equipment, or figure out how to keep us busy when there aren’t any projects

– Our approach is simple — project managers handle all of the nitty-gritty details and team connections, so all you have to do is wait for the final results.

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